February mini blog

29 February 2020 on monthly and music. 2 minutes

The monthly blog post was too time consuming, so I left it behind for a long time. But I've decided to come back and just include the easiest bits, which is music choices and maybe some photos and notes.

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Kicked off the month with my very first trip to Chicago with our INFORMS chapter! This was so fun, and we got to visit Northwestern's INFORMS chapter and learn about our common struggles and the cool initatives they are doing.

Grateful to have had such a fun group to travel and act like tourists with - also found one of the best pies I've ever had (carrot cake pie)

We decided to make a pit stop in a cool little lake town on the way home, which was definitely worth the 20 extra minutes added to the trip. I'm constantly learning how many pretty places exist in Michigan!

MUSE Conference

I got to present some cool work I've been doing on cell phone network reliability during hazards at the MUSE Conference this year. (MUSE is the Michigan University-wide Sustainability and the Environment initative)


One of my favorite holidays! (Though it's so hard to pick). I had a pretty great date, and I found the best cornbread in Michigan at a place called FOLK Detroit.


So so happy to get to spend a week with my brother's growing family and experience mardis gras in Mobile, Alabama (where it started!)


I got to dress up for a themed party (my favorite thing in the world?). This one was for the Oscar's, and my costume was relevant because Billie Eilish was an Oscar's performer this year.

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